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If you're searching for a city that will blow your mind. then Fes is the right choice for you!

Known for its rich culture and history that even the UNESCO classified its Medina, a part of Fes known as the old city that contains various ancient relics from the past, as a World Tier Heritage. Fes is famous for being one of the four imperial cities that hosts many visitors all year long. Since the city is pretty big, you may want to rent a comfortable car, you can book one in no time from our web site or our agencies.

Why not take your family to explore the different secrets of Fes? Start planning your trip by reading our guide on the Moroccan intellectual capital, Fes.

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Opening hours; Daily from 7AM till 10PM

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Fes is known for the richness of its history and the authenticity of the alleys of its ancient Medina. The city is coveted more and more by its charm and the generosity of its inhabitants. We invite you to make a detour aboard our vehicles by booking them at your rental agency.