Discovering Morocco

Hassan ii mosque: the flagship monument of casablanca

In Casablanca, there are many things to do and see. But the Hassan II mosque is undoubtedly the historical monument to visit as a priority. Find out more pertinent details about this incredible ...

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Ifri n-dounacht : a hidden village at the cape of the three forks

In the very north of Morocco, far from the hustle and cheerful bustle of the big cities, is the Cap des Trois Fourches – a mountainous promontory facing the Mediterranean Sea. This is where ...

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Borj nord: a 16th century fortress in fez

If you go to Fez, then you will not be able to miss this historical monument: the Burj Nord. Discover more about this fort of the sixteenth century and remember to rent a car when you arrive in Fez ...

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Le cirque de jaffar : an expedition in the heart of a raw nature

Far from the seaside resorts of the coast, the Cirque de Jaffar is one of the most difficult to access sites in Morocco. If you want to experience this expedition, consider renting a car in Fez ...

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Hassan tower: a 12th century monument in rabat

If you're going to Rabat, be sure to visit the Hassan Tower – a centuries-old landmark. Discover more details about this place and think about car rental to make the most of your stay ...

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The kasbah of agadir: a majestic building

If you are passing through Agadir, you will not be able to miss the Kasbah of the city. Consider renting a car in Agadir to capture a closer look at this fortress and explore the surroundings. ...

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Tanneries chouara : the famous vats of fez

Fez is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. There is, therefore, no shortage of historical sites in this great dynamic city. And we're not just talking about mosques or palaces. ...

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Museum of history and civilization : the archaeological museum of rabat

If you want more about the history of Morocco, you will have to go to the Museum of History and Civilizations, in Rabat. Find out more about this museum and consider renting a car to get there. ...

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Jbel ayachi : the walkers' paradise

At the top of the Atlas is the Jbel Ayachi. Known for the beauty of its landscapes, this mountain range is a walker's paradise. Remember to rent a car during your stay in Morocco to visit this ...

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Memory gifts from morocco

Our loved ones are a part of ourselves. We tend to want to show them that they always share our thoughts. A trip is then the right time to prove this. A key-wearing, a little gem, or even a postcard ...

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Agdal gardens

If you are going to Marrakech, you must visit the Agdal Gardens, which are the oldest gardens in the city. Discover more about this timeless place and remember to rent a car in Marrakech to get ...

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The lake of oukaïmeden

During your stay in Marrakech, consider renting a car to visit the area. Go for example to the south, admire the mountain landscapes of Morocco and why not, the fairytale landscapes offered by the ...

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Saïdia : a long and paradisiacal beach

In the north of the province of Berkane, not far from the city of Oujda, you will find the gorgeous beach of Saïdia. Discover more about this glorious Moroccan beach and undoubtedly remember ...

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Jbel sirwa : lunar landscapes not far from ouarzazate

Morocco has many different types of landscapes: from the green mountains to the Dunes of the Sahara, the Mediterranean beach, and modern cities. The Jble Sirwa is one of those impressive landscapes. ...

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Touring rabat the right way

Rabat, a coastal imperial city listed since 2013 as a UNESCO World Heritage. The Moroccan capital is frequently visited by tourists thanks to its diversity as it does not only offer historical and ...

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Ouarzazate, the ochre pearl

A city that hosted many successful Hollywood movies and was granted the alias ‘Ouallywood’. Ouarzazate, a city that was initially a military base and became today a spot frequently visited ...

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Exploring agadir, the capital of the south

The white city, referred to as the capital of the south, Agadir one of the most interesting tourism locations in Morocco thanks to its various entertainment options and its delightful climate. ...

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A delightful tour in fes

One of the four imperial Moroccan cities, well known for its rich intellectual, historical and cultural assets. Fes, a famous spot among tourists and a recognized World Heritage Location by the UNESCO, ...

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Habous – dollar morocco

During your stay in Casablanca, renting a car will be necessary. It will allow you to easily go to the Habous district, one of the most important spots in the city. In the list of places not to ...

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Grand socco in tangier – dollar morocco

If you are visiting Tangier, then you cannot miss the Grand Socco, the bazaar (« souk ») of the city. Discover more details about this vibrating place and consider enting a car in Tangier ...

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Your family vacation: dollar morocco’s opportunities for summer

Summer is the best season to escape with your family for a relaxing trip to the best destinations in Morocco or abroad. And when we speak of travel, we speak of car rental. With Dollar Morocco, ...

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Dalia beach – dollar morocco

Tangier is a cultural, fascinating and relaxing city. This beautiful Moroccan seaside town counts in particular some of the most beautiful beaches of the kingdom. Consider renting a car and go to explore ...

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Nejjarine museum in fez

During your stay in Fez, do not miss the Nejjarine Museum dedicated to the arts and the fields of woodworking. Learn more about this moroccan museum and consider renting a car in Fez to go there easily. ...

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